Extremely demanding Gaussian Reflectivity Mirror (GRM) for Commercial application

  • First side of 1” diameter GRM the Gaussian profile coating must occupy the full surface

  • Second side of GRM must have a tri-wavelength design dielectric coating

  • GRM must have an extremely high laser damage threshold coating of 5J/cm² for 1ns

  • Solution required super polish for surfaces, advance cleaning methodology, new coating materials and redesign of mask design software

  • BMV met the customers specifications and exceeded the required laser damage threshold

Tetrahedron Prism

  • Prototype with an eventual commercial application

  • Material is crystal quartz with the axis orientation tightly controlled

  • 14 polished surfaces

  • All dimensions accurate to 50µm

  • All angles accurate to 1 arc minute

Complex Glass Machining

  • Space bound optic for the International Space Station

  • Holes on each side must be aligned precisely with holes on opposite side

  • Because of large number of holes diamond wear on the drill was a serious problem in order to maintain very tight tolerance on diameter and depth of holes and hole position

  • Extremely time consuming alignment procedure and drilling of holes. Extremely time consuming metrology with CMM.

  • Material is high purity Fused Silica

  • Bi-Convex lens with each radius of curvature accurate to 1%

  • 200 blind drilled holes per side

  • All hole diameters, spacing, depth and placement relative to a reference, accurate to 50µm