Thin Film Coating at BMV Optical

BMV optimizes quality and performance with expertise in thin film coating

BMV Optical Technologies is well known for producing demanding optical components and optical assemblies. Each optic is polished to ensure correct curvature, optimal smoothness, and physical dimensions, however, when it comes to optimising performance, it is their expertise in applying thin film coatings which really sets BMV apart.

Approximately 90% of the optical components and systems which BMV manufactures require thin film coatings of some type. BMV also applies coatings to client-supplied components on a regular basis. BMV designs and applies a wide range of dielectric, or metallic, thin film coatings. Covering the ultraviolet, visible and infrared spectrums, the multi-step process involves in-house thin film design, manufacture of custom tooling/coating fixtures and detailed cleaning / preparation of the optical components prior to coating. Cleanliness is critical to ensure the best adhesion of the coating and can impact the laser damage threshold of the optic. The coating is applied in custom-built vacuum chambers which are operated by highly skilled technicians, then the coated component is verified using the most precise spectrophotometers available. Once verification confirms the thin film coating meets or exceeds customer specifications, the component can be shipped or handed off for assembly into a more complex optical or electro-optical system.

The company has extensive expertise in applying anti-reflective, partial-reflective, high-reflective and gaussian reflectivity coatings. These coatings are often used in laser-based applications. In addition, BMV designs and applies coatings for beam splitting, single/dual wavelength, broadband, high/low pass filters, beam combining and laser output couplers. Along with optical manufacturing, on-site development and application of thin film coating saves clients money, reduces delivery time, and ensures the best quality and performance of every product BMV delivers.