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The many benefits of outsourcing research and development

It can be daunting for companies to maintain the full suite of in-house resources necessary to remain at the competitive forefront of optical technology. That’s where BMV Optical Technologies can help, functioning as your outsourced, highly skilled research and development team.

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The fine art of polishing custom optics

The traditional, hands-on method of polishing optical components continues to provide the most accurate results possible. BMV’s reputation for excellence in this field stems from equal attention to four priorities: quick turnaround, reliability, fair pricing and the fact that all work is performed in-house which contributes greatly to quality and consistency.

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BMV optimizes quality and performance with expertise in thin film coating

BMV Optical Technologies is well known for producing demanding optical components and optical assemblies. Each optic is polished to ensure correct curvature, optimal smoothness, and physical dimensions, however, when it comes to optimising performance, it is their expertise in applying thin film coatings which really sets BMV apart.

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