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The many benefits of outsourcing research and development

It can be daunting for companies to maintain the full suite of in-house resources necessary to remain at the competitive forefront of optical technology. That’s where BMV Optical Technologies can help, functioning as your outsourced, highly skilled research and development team. Our robust R&D department extends our capability as a manufacturer of precision and ultra-precision prototype optical components and systems. The requirement for advanced metrology solutions links R&D to precision optical assembly.

With decades of experience producing unique assemblies for numerous industry sectors, we are particularly adept at integrating optical components into mechanical or electro-mechanical systems. The complex solutions we have developed range from internal product development and/or metrology to customer-driven manufacturing solutions and/or metrology. BMV has the skills, tools and capability to provide high calibre optical, optomechanical, and optoelectronic design and support for our national and international clients’ ongoing product development projects. Using this array of capabilities, we have developed our own in-house products including our Gaussian Reflectivity Mirror product line and soon-to-be-marketed Interferometer system.

Our R&D team also provides advanced optical assembly and interferometric testing, as well as fully customized metrology for new and reoccurring client projects which involve the need for resolution and image testing, and optical transmission and reflectance characterization. Our in-house R&D department allows you to capitalize on our expertise in photonics, electronics, circuit design, software development and mechanical design.